Windows Install Radarr as Service to Download Series

In this Windows guide, install Radarr as a Service. We’re going to install the Radarr program on a Windows system. So that the latest TV series are downloaded from the newsgroups.

Windows install Radarr as a service.

Download the latest version of Radarr from

Choose the download that ends with installer.exe.

Install Windows Radarr

Press Next.

radarr instaleer service

Check the Install as Windows Service check mark.

And press Next. Radarr is now installed. An MS-dos screen may appear during installation.

radarr installation ready

Press Finishnow.

Radarr is now installed as a Windows service.

You can now access Radarr via your internet browser, at the following address:

That means Radarr is always started. During the start-up process of your computer.

nzbdrone radarr

When your task manager starts from Windows. Via Alt+Ctrl+ del key. Then you can find Radarr under NZBdronehost.

If you close this process. Then the Radarr program is shut down.

Update Radarr

If a new update of the Radarr program is available. Then it is best to update it via the web interface of Radarr.

This is what you do, the next way.

radarr system

You go to System.

radarr update windows

And then to the tablad Updates.

If an update is available. Then you will see a notification here.

And then you can install this update from Radarr. But since I just installed it. There is no update available yet.

This was the manual Windows install Radarr.

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