Windows Uploading with nntpPoster via the command line

In this tutorial we are going to install nntpPosting. And then we’re going to upload to the newsgroups. This program is for the more experienced user. Because this program has no graphical interface.

Install requirements

You need the Winrar program. If you haven’t installed it yet. Then you can download it from

It is important what you want to upload, is chopped into pieces.

You need to install the Par2 commandline utility.

You can download it from

Select the x64 version without .sig.

par2 command line

Unpack this. And place the par2.exe, somewhere in a folder on your computer.

Install nntpPoster Windows

You can download it here.

ntpPoster download windows

Select the latest version and click Assets download the zip file. Extract the zip file and place the contents in a folder somewhere.

nntpPoster readmee

Go to the folder userconfig. Make a copy from readme.txt. and change the name to 10-MyConfiguration.ini

upload with nntpPoster configuration

Edit the file with notepad. And fill in the details of your Usenet provider. You can find this information on the website of your Usenet provider. Beware! Some Usenet providers require you to enable uploading in your account. Or you have the bad luck that you can’t upload to the newsgroups at all.

Uploaden with nntpPoster

Now we can start uploading to the newsgroups with nntpPoster.

Open the folder Watchfolders. Make a copy of readme.txt and rename it to upload.ini

Edit this file with notepad.

I would enable the following:


You create a new folder under Watchfolders and copy upload.ini into it. Put the files you want to upload here. And then launch nntpAutoposter.exe Uploading to the newsgroups will now begin.

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