Download with Grabit from the newsgroups via NZB files

If you have configured a news server in Grabit. Then it’s time we started importing some nzb files into Grabit. So that we, can download with Grabit from the newsgroups. nzbindex

NZB file import Grabit for download

Import Grabit nzb

Click My Grabit. Then click on NZB Import. And then Add. Then look up your nzb file.

Customize download folder in Grabit

By default, everything is downloaded. On C drive of your computer. Usually that’s not convenient. Because on a lot of computers, this is an SSD hard drive. And these are often a lot smaller than an old-fashioned hard drive. This is nice for Windows. Because this works a lot faster.

But there is no need to save your downloads here. It doesn’t get any faster because of this. An old-fashioned hard drive is much more convenient, for your downloads. Because you often have much more space at your disposal.

Go to Grabit, go to Edit. And then Preferences.

Adjust these three folders here. To the desired location.

Cache is the folder. Where your downloads are temporarily saved.

Downloads are the files that are completely inside.

Extracted files is the folder where everything is unpacked.

Create NZB files with Nzb search indexes

You can create nzb files via nzb search engines. For more information see the sites below.

Download NZB files from SpotNet.

You need to customize the following in SpotNet. Go to Edit then Download button. Then choose NZB Save.

For more information about SpotNet. See the SpotNet tutorial.

You can also use SpotWeb sites. Then you don’t need to install SpotNet on your computer.

This was Grabit’s tutorial. In case you run into anything else. See the manual. Grabit known error messages.

Windows Grabit manual

  1. Grabit tutorial.
  2. Install Grabit.
  3. Configure Grabit to download.
  4. Download with Grabit.

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