Install Emby server Synology your media content anywhere

In this tutorial we are going to install Emby server on a Synology System. So you can access your media anywhere.

Add Emby install ability to Synology

Synology Package Center-um

If you’re logged into your Synology through your web browser.

Then go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then, go to Settings.

any publisher synology

Select Each publisher.

image 44

Select Package Resources.

Click Add.

Name: Make something up.


Click Ok.

image 204

Click Ok.

Install Synology Emby

Install Emby server Synology

Now go to community search emby on. and then click Install.

You can see it’s being downloaded now. And then you see the text busy installing.

emby open synology

If the installation is successful, you’ll see open.

You won’t see any installation screens.

This was the guide to installing Emby server Synology.

Emby Synology tutorial

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