On NZB Usenet. You can find various Usenet tutorial. These are also called newsgroup tutorials. You need a Usenet download program. And you need a newsserver. From the news server, download the desired files. For a good news server, it often has to be paid for. The Free newsservers can, however, be very useful. You can, use those. As an backup news server.

Usenet tutorials

Download Usenet explanation. With these tutorials. You can download from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files. These tutorials are available. For the following operating systems: Ubuntu,Windows, Debian,Qnap, Synology. And there are even MacOS tutorials available.

Usenet tutorials starters

With these tutorials. Anyone can download from the newsgroups. For example, you can find Movies, TV series, Music, e-books and Games. There are quite simple user-friendly Usenet download programs available. See the simple usenet programs below.

If you use the above, Usenet download programs. Then you have to take it into account. That these are some limitations. Grabit, for example, uses a lot of CPU and memory. And extracting RAR files. Doesn’t always go well either. The download programs SABnzbdand NZBGetdo not suffer from this.

Advanced Usenet tutorials

For advanced Usenet and Torrent downloaders. There are also plenty of manuals, to be found on this website. So there are, there are several tutorials. For automatic download, of the latest TV series. Once, these are available, to download.

You need the program NZBGet, SABnzbdor Torrent Transmission for this. I advise you to use NZBGet. This program is less burdensome for your system. The interface, it’s just a little less nice. But, how often do you have to adjust something in the web interface?

If you have one of these two Usenet clients installed. Then you can use it. From the automatic download programs below. You can also use a Torrent program. Only these often work a little less well.

Automatically download TV series

The programs below make it possible. To automatically download new TV series from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files.

Download movies automatically

The programs below, make it possible. To automaticallydownload movies from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files. Every program has its pros and cons.

  • Radarr tutorials. Radarr has roughly the same web interface as the Sonarr program.
  • Watcher tutorials. Watcher makes it possible to download movies that meet your criteria. Like a certain genre or a desired actor.
  • CouchPotato tutorials. Couchpotato was the first to make it possible to download movies automatically. I advise you not to use this anymore. This software is no longer being developed.

Download music automatically

Programs below. Makes it possible, to automatically download music albums.

Automatically download comic books and books

Programs below. Make it possible to download books and comic books. This can be done via the newsgroups. Or via the Bitorrent network.

Other tutorials

On this Usenet information website. There are also manuals to be found. On other topics. So it is possible, to automatically. Download your subtitles. For your movies and series. But, you can also find an explanation here. To play your downloaded movies, on your TV.

  • Subtitles download programs. With these tutorials You can download subtitlesfor your movies and TV shows.
  • Subtitles download websites. Here you can download subtitles.
  • Kodi tutorials. As a media center, Kodi can play most audio and video file formats. Kodi features features such as audio visualizations, playlists, and download subtitles. In addition, there are also several extensions. Which, for example, make it possible to stream. Kodi is free to download. And free to use. On many different systems.
  • Plex tutorials. Plex is also a media center software. Just like Kodi. Only, this has the disadvantage. That this program, is quite limited. If you don’t want to pay for it.