NZB Usenet tutorials also known as newsgroup tutorials

On NZB Usenet. You can find various Usenet manuals. These manuals are also known as newsgroup manuals. To use the newsgroups. You do need a Usenet download program. And you need a news server from which you can download.

Usenet tutorials

Based on these manuals. You can download from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files. These manuals are available for The following systems: Ubuntu, Windows, Debian. And there are even MAC manuals available.

Usenet tutorials beginners

Based on these manuals. Anyone can download from the newsgroups. You can find Movies, TV series, Music and Games. There are fairly simple download programs. That make this possible. Like for example the programs below.

You have to take this into account. The above programs. Only have basic funtiones. In comparison with, for example, SABnzbd or NZBget. For example, Grabit uses a little more CPU and memory. Then for example NZBGet. Also, Grabit cannot unpack everything properly.

Advanced Usenet tutorials

For the advanced downloaders. There are also manuals available on this website. For example, there are various manuals. For automatically downloading the latest TV series. Once they are posted in the newsgroups.

Engels Leren uitspreken You need the NZBGet or SABnzbd program for this. To be able to download automatically from the newsgroups. I advise you to use NZBGet. Because this program is less stressful for your system. However, it is a little bit less user friendly than SABznbd.

If you have installed one of these two. Then you can use the automatic download programs below.

Automatically download TV series

The programs below make it possible. To automatically download new TV series from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files.

Download movies automatically

The programs below make it possible. To automatically download movies from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files.

Download music automatically

The program below. Makes it possible to download music albums automatically.

Automatically download comic books and books

Programs below. Make it possible to download e-books. And comic books. This can be done via the newsgroups or via Bitorrent.

Other tutorials

On this website, you can also find manuals on other topics. So you can download your subtitles for your TV series and movies. But there are also manuals, for your downloaded movies. To Play on your TV.