Free news servers to download from the news groups

A list of free news servers. These free news servers are very useful as a backup Usenet server. Some internet providers. Also offer free newsgroups. Although this is less and less.

For an internet provider overview see Internet provider news servers. However, keep this in mind. That the free Usenet provider of internet providers are very bad. For a few euros, you already have a paid account and that is often really worth it! The advantage of a paid Usenet account is that you can often download more without a data limit. And you have much more speed.

Free news servers also known as free Usenet!

Below a list with free Usenet servers. With which you can download from free newsgroups.

  • Create a free 2 MBit account here.
  • download a maximum of 25 gig of data traffic per month.
  • Only 10 days retention.
  • You must log in once a month. Otherwise your account is inactive. By logging in again, the account is immediately active again.
  • Beware! Promotion mail will most likely end up in the spam folder!
  • Hint! Handy as a backup account. For when you don’t get something complete.

News server address

119 Plain and TLS
563 SSL
443 SSL
22 SSL
80 Plainen TLS

Backup news server address

119 Plain and TLS
563 SSL


NEWSXSHere you can request a 14-day trial account. And download a maximum of 300 gig.



It is not much but it is free. Download 10 gig. Within 3 days.


Username: none
password: no password
Retention: 20 days
Note IPV6 only! If your internet provider does not have ipv6, you must set up a tunnel. This is not recommended for beginners.

username: none
password: none
retention: very poor, many incomplete.
Username: none
password: none
connections: 2
retention: unknown much incomplete.



Port:563 SSL

Usenet Farm

You can create a free account here. And you can download 10 gig with it. You only need to provide an email address.


You can only download text with this. You can create an account on

Server address:

you can request a free Usenet account here. This one is very limited.

Register “” here

You can only download 10 gig. And try it out for 14 days.


nzbcloud free download nzb

You can upload an NZB file here. This is then downloaded to the cloud. And then you can download the contents of this NZB file. You can store up to 50 gig for free. If you have subsequently removed this. Then you can download 50 gig again. You can access the website here. See also the NZBCloud Review for more information.

Free news server alert

If you search for free news servers. Beware! With a lot of so-called free news server, your contract is automatically extended. To a paid account. Have you found a free news server yourself? Please report it below, in the comments please.

Cheap news servers

There are regular deals for usenet providers. For example, at Eweka you can often find a deal for one year for around 30 euros. These kinds of offers are often available around Christmas and Black Friday.

Offline Free Usenet Servers That No Longer Work

This is a list of Usenet servers that are no longer available.

just4today.netYou have to look at the website every day. For a new user name and password. The retention is only 10 days.


Retention: 1100
port: 119
Speed ​​only 1 mbit. So good as a backup server, if something cannot be downloaded from another usenet server.

You can create a free account here. Speed ​​1mbit. So handy as a backup server. 2700 days of retention. And SSL is supported.

Username: none
password: no password
Retention: 2600 days
Port:119 443
Port SSL: 563 80 81

you could upload an NZB file here, and then the files will be downloaded through your browser. Only the maximum that you can download is only 200mb. So it’s only useful if you miss a file, or for small programs and music.

Username: none
password: none
Retention: Unknown
connections: 8
speed: Unknown
port: 563
you must use SSL.

This is from xsnews these days.

Keep an eye on the site. Sometimes they give away accounts.

Is often offline My advice. Use it only as a backup server.

This was the list of free Usenet providers.

Sometimes there are very nice deals to be scored with paid Usenet providers. That you all have a Subscription for 30 Euros per year. For example with the usenet provider Eweka. This is usually around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


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