NZB cloud review

NZB cloud review

Usenet download speed is an important factor, and NZBCloud does not disappoint. It uses optimized servers that ensure fast and efficient downloads. In addition, NZBCloud has a high retention, which means you can access a wide variety of older files. The service also has redundant storage and reliable backup systems, keeping your downloads safe and not lost.

You can create an account here.

NZBcloud benefits

  1. Unlimited downloading from the newsgroups, no data limit. NB! there is a storage limit! If you are going to download UHD movies, this will go fairly quickly.
  2. You don’t need storage. Your downloads are stored in the cloud. Of course, the space you can save is limited
  3. You can pay with Ideal and credit card.
  4. You can try NZBcloud for free.
  5. You do not need to install Usenet newsreader.

Cons NZBcloud

  1. You can only contact us by email.
  2. You cannot use SpotNet as a download program. But you can download an NZB file from a SpotWeb site. And then import it into NZBcloud.

Newserver settings.

You have no server settings. This is because everything is first downloaded in the cloud. Je kan ook andere cloud diensten koppelen om je bestanden op te slaan die je download uit de nieuwsgroepen.


The helpdesk is in English and can only be reached by e-mail.

Conclusion is NZBcloud good?

Yes it is very convenient to use you don’t need to install Usenet reader to download. You can manage everything from your internet browser. If you download a lot, this can be a disadvantage. Because by default you only have 100 gig to store. You have to constantly delete the files in the cloud and download them to your own devices if you do not want to run into these limitations.

NZBcloud Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to NZB cloud. Then see the Usenet providers page. But there is no real alternative because this is so far the only Usenet provider that makes it possible to download it in the cloud and stream it.

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