Usenet provider Astraweb rating a lot of DMCA

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Bij Usenet provider AstraWeb . the maximum download speed is 9999 Mbit, according to the website. Of course I have not been able to test this. Since I don’t have that fast connection.

Advantages of this Usenet provider

  1. 20 connections.
  2. No data limit.
  3. 3000 days retention.
  4. Speed is limited at 9999 Mbit
  5. No reseller they have their own servers in the USA and Europe.
  6. Support for Mastercard and BitCoin.

News server settings Usenet provider Astraweb

Newsservers without SSL.

Ports 119, 23, 1818 or 8080

Newsserver with SSL.

Port:443 or 563.


The helpdesk is friendly and speaks English. You can contact them via the site. No phone support.


The speeds are stable. Unless something is incomplete. Then the speed drops to enormous.

Astraweb review

This provider is very old. And has lots of DMCA problems. I can not recommend this Usenet provider. If you suffer from DMCA a lot. Then it can sometimes help. To switch between the European and American news server.

Alternative Astraweb

For an alternative see Usenet providers. Or one of the Usenet providers below.

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