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In this tutorial we will install the program LazyLibrarian via the command line on a Ubuntu Computer.
The development of the LazyLibrarian application is not very active. If we compare this with, for example, Headphones, Sickbeard or Couchpotato. It took me a while to search. Which version is most up to date. Currently this is “” version. The most up to date. So you also have to take it into account. That this application is far from perfect. But I have not been able to find another similar application.

Install LazyLibrarian requirements

If we haven’t installed Git yet. Then we must do that first. However, chances are that you have already done that with regard to HeadPhones or Couchpotato.

We are now going to install Git.

sudo apt-get install git-core

We have to be sure. That we are in the right location.

cd ~

Then go to the correct folder.

cd /opt

Install LazyLibrarian Ubuntu

We are now going to download LazyLibrarian.

sudo git clone

Go to the correct folder.

cd /opt/LazyLibrarian

We can now start LazyLibrarian. With the following command.


You are now done installing LazyLibrarian.

Autostart LazyLibrarian Ubuntu

we of course also want LazyLibrarian to start automatically. During the boot process.

We are now going to copy the startup file from LazyLibrarian.

sudo cp ubuntu.default /etc/default/lazylibrarian

Nu gaa gaan we dit bestand bewerken.

sudo nano /etc/default/lazylibrarian

Edit the rules below.

RUN_AS=your Ubuntu account name

Then press ctrl + x. Andy to confirm this.

Now we need the rights. Set well.

sudo chmod a+x /etc/init.d/lazylibrarian
sudo update-rc.d lazylibrarian defaults

It is now possible to start LazyLibrarian with the command below.

sudo service lazylibrarian start

You can also use the following commands.

sudo service lazylibrarian stop
sudo service lazylibrarian restart

You are now completely done with the tutorial Installing LazyLibrarian Ubuntu. And LazyLibrarian is now started automatically.

LazyLibrarian Ubuntu tutorial

  1. LazyLibrarian tutorial.
  2. Install LazyLibrarian Ubuntu.

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