Install LazyLibrarian Synology to Download Books

In this tutorial LazyLibrarian install Synology. Let’s install LazyLibrarian on a Synonology NAS system. LazyLibrarian makes it possible to automatically download your books from the newsgroups.

LazyLibrarian installation ability to add to your Synology NAS

Before we can install LazyLibrarian on your Synology NAS, we first need to add the ability to install LazyLibrarian on your Synology NAS. If this is already done. You can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in to your Synology via your browser, go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then, go to Settings.

Synology Package-Resources-install-allow

Select Each publisher.

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to thePackage Sources tab. Now click Add. Enter a nameat Nameand at location enter the following “” Click OK and then OK again.

LazyLibrarian install Synology

Synology Package Center-um

Now we can install the LazyLibrarian package on your Synology NAS. Go back to the Package center.

Synology Community

Go down and choose Community.

LazyLibrarian synology install

Look up LazyLibrarian. , and then click Install. If you have DSM 5 you are now done with the installation.

LazyLibrarian DSM 6


In DSM 6 you get the above message. Click OK. LazyLibrarian is installed but you cannot start it. We’re going to fix this.

Activate SSH Synology

We must first activate SSH if you have not already enabled it. In the following I explain how to enable SSH on your Synology NAS.


Open your Synology webpage. And go to Control Panel and then to Terminal and SNMP.


Check the box Enable SSH service here. Then click Apply.

Access Synology from the command line with Putty

Now that we have enabled SSH on your Synology, we can access the nas via the command line. This is what we do with Putty.

You can download the latest version of Putty here Puty is downloaded start it up by running putty.exe.


If you opened Putty. Fill in the ip address of your NAS at Host Name and at Port10. then click Open.

You will now see a black screen with login as:. Enter your admin account here. Press enter and enterthe passwordand press enteragain.

Getting LazyLibrarian DSM 6 fixed

Now we are actually going to fix LazyLibrarian.

sudo nano /var/packages/LazyLibrarian/scripts/start-stop-status

Type above and go to line 11 change this to USER=”root”

Press CTRL + X then Y and enter.


Back to the beginning.

sudo chmod -R 766 /var/packages/LazyLibrarian/

Just to be sure, adjust permissions as well.

You are now ready and can start LazyLibrarian via the web interface of DSM 6. According to the web interface LazyLibrarian is not started but it is, you can access LazyLibrarian via your ip-address:5299

Have fuN!

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