SpotWeb instellen-Windows 10 11
SpotWeb tutorial

Set up SpotWeb Windows 10/11

In this tutorial, set up SpotWeb in Windows 10. Let’s set up SpotWeb on a computer with Windows 10 so that you can access the Spot network via your browser on your own Windows computer. […]

SpotWeb Docker instellen Synology
SpotWeb tutorial

Configure SpotWeb Docker Synology

In this tutorial, we are going to set up SpotWeb Docker on a Synology system. We will ensure that the Spot information is automatically retrieved from the SpoNet network. So you can download the latest […]

SpotWeb docker installeren Synology
SpotWeb tutorial

Install docker SpotWeb Synology

In this install SpotWeb Docker Synology. Let’s install SpotWeb on a Synology system via Docker. SpotWeb is a website connected to the SpotWeb network. If someone here has added something to this SpotNet network, you […]

faq spotweb
SpotWeb tutorial

SpotWeb FAQ most frequently asked questions

This is an overview of SpotWeb FAQ most frequently asked questions. For Synology we have a separate SpotWeb page with frequently asked questions, see the SpotWeb Synology FAQ page. If there is still a question […]

SpotWeb installeren-Synology
SpotWeb tutorial

Install SpotWeb Synology NAS

In this tutorial install SpotWeb Synology. I am going to explain how to get SpotWeb installed on a Synology NAS system. Before we actually get started, we need to install PHP 5.6 or php 7. […]

SpotWeb werkend krijgen op DSM6
SpotWeb tutorial

Getting SpotWeb working on DSM 6

In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to get SpotWeb working again on DSM 6. You will probably get a 403 error. If you try to access spotweb via http://your-ip-address/spotweb The error is caused […]

SpotWeb configureren Synology
SpotWeb tutorial

Configure SpotWeb Synology to fetch spots

In this SpotWeb Configure Synology tutorial. We are going to configure the SpotWeb program. So that you get an overview of the latest spots that are posted on the SpotNet network. Set up SpotWeb retention […]

SpotWeb Synology bekende problemen oplossen FAQ
SpotWeb tutorial

SpotWeb Synology Fix Known Issues – FAQ

Troubleshoot known issues in this tutorial for SpotWeb Synology. I describe a number of problems that can occur with SpotWeb on your Synology nas. Unable to install Spotweb get the message Contact Synology support team […]

SpotWeb installeren-Ubuntu om NZB bestanden te downloaden
SpotWeb tutorial

SpotWeb install Ubuntu to download NZB files

In this tutorial, install SpotWeb Ubuntu. Are we going to install SpotWeb on a computer with Ubuntu. This is going to be done via the command line. Install SpotWeb requirements Before we start the installation […]