SpotWeb FAQ most frequently asked questions

This is an overview of SpotWeb FAQ most frequently asked questions. For Synology we have a separate SpotWeb page with frequently asked questions, see the SpotWeb Synology FAQ page.

What can I install SpotWeb on?

You can install SpotWeb almost anywhere on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Synology and Qnap.

Is SpotWeb free?

Yes SpotWeb is free to download and you can even contribute to the development of SpotWeb because it is open source.

Which version of PHP do I need for SpotWeb?

You must use at least version 5.6. But I advise you to use a more recent version. Because a more recent version of PHP ensures that it is less slow.

How do I create a SpotWeb account?

At the top right you can create an account, if this is not closed

How do I reset a SpotWeb password?

You can do this via SSH in the following way: php upgrade-db.php –reset-password admin

No retrieve button present in SpotWeb?

you must be logged in as Admin in SpotWeb. Otherwise this button will not be visible.

Get the message Fatal error occurred while connecting to the newsserver:

There is probably something wrong with your Usenet provider’s account. Like an account that has expired. Or a username and password that are incorrect.

What is SpotWeb?

SpotWeb is a variant of SpotNet that works within your internet browser. The advantage of this is that you can install SpotWeb on multiple types of devices with different operating systems. The content available within SpotNet is also available within SpotWeb. The only drawback of this is that it is a bit more difficult to install than SpotNet.

If there is still a question missing from the SpotWeb FAQ, please leave a message. Dan kunnen we deze toevoegen of iemand anders kan je vraag beantwoorden.

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