Install SpotWeb Synology NAS

In this tutorial install SpotWeb Synology. I am going to explain how to get SpotWeb installed on a Synology NAS system. Before we actually get started, we need to install PHP 5.6 or php 7. And then Webstation and MariaDB.

install PHP Synology

If you already have php5.6 or PHP 7.0 installed. Then you can skip this step.

For SpotWeb we need PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0. PHP 7 is a lot faster than 5.6. So if you can install php7. Then I recommend that to you do.

Synology Package Center-um

Go to the Package Center.


Go to Everything. And look up PHP 5.6 or 7.0 here.


Click Install.

Now the php installation is done.

Install Synolgy Web station

You need to install webstation on your Synology. You can skip this step. If you’ve already done this.

Synology Package Center-um

Go to the Package Center.


Select Utilities.


Locate Web Station and click Install.

Web Station check php version and http backend

Don’t skip this step! Because this could be wrong default. If you have installed multiple version of php. Then this setting can be wrong so that SpotWeb does not work. So check to be sure.

web station spotweb

Go to the Main menu and then to Web Station.

apache setup spotweb synology

Go to General Settings. And select Http backend Apache 2.4

php setup spotweb

Go to PHP settings. Select php7.3 and then edit.

Also check the PDOsettings. These must all be checked. See the screenshot above.

And the following must also be enabled openSSL, and Curl.

Otherwise you may get an error message later.

If you changed every thing. Click OK.To save your settings.

Install MariaDB Synology

You can skip this step if you have done this. But watch out! A password must also be set on Mariadb. You need MariaDB for the installation of SpotWeb. So we are going to install and configure these as well.

Synology Package Center-um

Go to the Package Center.


Select Utilities.


Look up MariaDB 10. , and then click Install.

When the installation is finished we need to create a password for MariaDB. By default there is no password on MariaDB. And SpotWeb does require it! Just as safe.

Open mariadb spotweb synology

Go to the MainMenu. And then choose MariaDB.

Open mariadb spotweb synology

Click on Change MariaDB password Enter a new password here. And click Ok.

You may also be given an option.

That you have to select a user. This must be the Rootuser.

port spotweb synology

Beware! The above checkbox must also be checked.

Create database in PHP my admin

install phpmyadmin spotweb

You will need to install PhpMyadmin to create a database. You can find it under Packgesclick on install. And then wait. When the installation is finished, you can open it under http://je-nasip/phpMyAdmin/

root phpmyadmin spotweb

The username = root. And the password is what you made up yourself when installing MariaDB10

Create SpotWeb database

Create spotweb database mariadb 10.

Ga naar Databases. Under Create database enter spotweb. And click Create.

Create database user SpotWeb

You will now see the spotweb database on the left. Select the SpotWeb database.

rights spotweb database

Go to privileges.

spotweb database add user account

click on Add user account

spotweb mysql rechten

Hostname on localhost.

Check the boxes like the screenshot above.

Scroll down. And click on the bottom right Go.

The database user is now created.

Give rights to file Station

The http user. Must also have write permissions to the wwwfolder. Otherwise you will also get all kinds of error messages in SpotWeb.

synology file drive

Go to the main screen of your Synology.

Click FileStation.

web synology

Right-click on the webfolder. And choose Properties.

permissions synology rights

Go to the Permissionstab. Select the httpuser. Click Edit.

permissions web folder synology

Check the Writebox here. And click OK. And click OKagain.

Add SpotWeb installation option

You can download the SPK file here

Synology Package Center-um

Go to Package Center.

spotweb spk file file

Go to manual install.

Select the file you just downloaded.

Click Next.

spotweb installatie synology

Click Apply.

The following does not work anymore, you can skip this step. Go to the step Complete SpotWeb installation.

Before we can install SpotWeb, we must first add the following repository in Synology. If you haven’t already. If you have already done this, you can skip this step.

You will go to the main page of your Synology NAS.

Synology Package Center-um

Go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then choose the Settingsoption.

any publisher synology

Select Each publisher.

image 45

Go to the Package Sources tab and now click Add.

Enter a Namefor example. “”.

At location, enter the following “” Now click OK and OKagain.

Install SpotWeb Synology

Now the source has been added. And we can finally install SpotWeb on your Synology.

Synology Package Center-um

Go back to the Package Center.

Synology Community

If you scroll down this screen you will see a Community button. Click here.

Install SpotWeb Synology

You will now see an icon with SpotWeb Install on the right.

Choose Install.

spotweb install synology dsm6

Click Next.

spotweb install

Complete SpotWeb installation

Click Apply. SpotWeb is now active. But still doesn’t work

spotweb next

Now go to the next page “http://ip-adres-synology/spotweb/install.php”. and press Next.

php extensies spotweb

You now get the above. Screen. A lot should be OK here. If something isn’t right, go back a few steps. Then you forgot to turn something on.

spotweb database mysql

Change the username to Rootand the passwordthat goes with it. Click on Verify database.

Beware! The port defaults to 3306. This must be port 3307. 3306 is from mariadb 5. And recent versions use mariadb10.

If you do on Verify database. And you get a blank page. Then you did something wrong. Wrong database or password.

spotweb usenet server settings

Now you need to specify the settings of your news server. You can often find this in your welcome email that you received from your Usenet provider.

click on Verify usenet server.

spotweb type

Fill in all the details here. And choose Shared.

Then click on Create System. This may take a while to complete. I heard my nas making noise during this process.

I got a 504 error webpage. But this does not matter.

You can then open the next page. http://ip-synology/spotweb/?

You must log in with the account you just created.

If this is not the case, take a look at the next page. Getting SpotWeb to work on DSM 6.

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