Configure SpotWeb Synology to fetch spots

In this SpotWeb Configure Synology tutorial. We are going to configure the SpotWeb program. So that you get an overview of the latest spots that are posted on the SpotNet network.

Set up SpotWeb retention

SpotWeb is still empty so it needs to be filled. But first, we’re going to specify in SpotWeb how far back to look.

Make sure you are logged in. If that is not yet the case.

spotweb login

If you opened SpotWeb via http://your-ip-adress-nas/spotweb. Go to Log in at the top right.

Log in here with the details. Which you specified during the installation.

spotweb config settings

Now click on Config in the top right and then Settings. Now go to theRetrive tab and enter the number of days atRetenention on spots (in days). I wouldn’t set it too high otherwise SpotNet will take a long time to fill. I myself keep it at 50. You can adjust this later then increase it in steps.

And then click Change. To save the settings.

SpotWeb the first time update

You have to do this once the first time otherwise no spots will be available.


You must have SSH enabled. You do this under Control Panel.

enable ssh for spotweb

Go to Terminal. And turn on SSH service

Open putty and connect to your Synology.

Run the command below. This could be different. That depends on the PHP version you are using.

/usr/local/bin/php74 /volume1/web/spotweb/retrieve.php

Spots Update SpotWeb


Open the Synology page. And go to Control Panel.

synology task

Go to Task Scheduler.

create task spotweb synology

Click Create thenScheduled Task then User Defined Script.

create root user task

User must be root!

dagelijks taak spotwweb synology

Go to the Planningtab. I put it every 5 hours update which is more than enough for me.

call task script spotweb synology

Ga naar tablad Taakinstellingen. Enter User Defined Script. The following on:

/usr/local/bin/php74 /volume1/web/spotweb/retrieve.php

This can be different depending on the version of php. The above is for php version 7.4

You’re done now. It may take a long time the first time. Before the information is retrieved from the newsgroups. This depends on how many days, You look back in SpotWeb.

This was the tutorial to Configure SpotWeb Synology.

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