SpotWeb Synology Fix Known Issues – FAQ

Troubleshoot known issues in this tutorial for SpotWeb Synology. I describe a number of problems that can occur with SpotWeb on your Synology nas.

Unable to install Spotweb get the message Contact Synology support team – MySQL

You need to manually download the spk file. And then install manually as well. Go to and download the latest version here.

Functions no longer work properly after a SpotWeb update, such as the scrole

Login via SSH to your Synology. And execute the command below. This may solve the problem for you. If you use a different version of php then you have to change this in the command below.

php /usr/local/bin/php56/volume1/web/spotweb/bin/upgrade-db.php

SpotWeb does not work under php 7 (Old SpotWeb)

This issue was addressed in the latest version of SpotWeb. It is wise to convert this to php7. Because php 7 is faster than php5.

This is correct SpotWeb was not created for version 7. You need to select version 5. You will then receive messages such as “Notice: Undefined index: userid in /volume1/web/spotweb/lib/SpotSecurity.php on line 140 Notice: Undefined index: prefs in”

Webstation synology
Go to the Main menu and then to Web Station.

php version synology
Go to PHP settings. You must select version 5.6 here. Then click Apply.

I get NOT OK during the installation of SpotWeb

Webstation synology
Go to the Main Menu.
Then go to the Web Station.

pdo php settings

Go to PHP settings. You must select version 5.6 here. Then click Apply.

No retrieve button present in SpotWeb?

you must be logged in as Admin in SpotWeb. Otherwise you will not see this button.

How do I get Spotweb working with NGINX on my synology?

You must log in via SSH. And then the next command. This is not for beginners.

sude vi /etc/nginx/conf.dHet volgende kopiëren en plakken.

rewrite /spotweb/api/?$ /spotweb/index.php?page=newznabapi break;

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