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This is an overview of known SpotNet error messages. Like Spotnet can’t connect. The maximum number of connections has been reached. In Spotnet I get the message “Server Timout”. I can’t download anything with SpotNet. I get the message “Error while starting SABnzdb: view the logfile”.

SpotNet kan geen verbinding maken, maximaal aantal verbindingen is bereikt.SpotNet cannot connect, maximum number of connections has been reached

You make more connections to your Usenet provider. Then it’s okay. Check how many you can make. And then see how many you have in SpotNet.

You can adjust this in SpotNet. By performing the following.
Go to Bewerken (Edit) and then Provider… And then you have option Verbindingen (connections).
Here you can adjust the number.

4 connections is often more than enough. If you are using a second Usenet program. Or you can share your account with someone else. Then it can also be because of this.

SpotNet is traag

You can try the following. In SpotNet, go to Bewerken (Edit) and then Instellingen(settings).
Choose then Externe black/whitelist And uncheck the boxGebruik externe CSV black/whitelist.

Restart SpotNet and try again. This has nothing to do with slow downloads.

In SpotNet, I get the message “Server Timout” how do I fix this?

The solution to this. Can be quite simple. Instead of entering the address of your news server, try entering the ip address of your news server. You can find out the ip address of your news server. In the following way. Press the “Windows” key (key with Windows logo also called the flag) + the letter “R” key. Now an input field will appear.

Type here in CMD. And press Enter key. Now an old-fashioned dos screen is emerging. And type here in “Ping newserver address” as example see “Ping”.

When I start SpotNet I start the error message “attempt to write a readonly database”

Go to the following folder c:\programdata\spotnet ( can be a hidden folder) Right mouse click on the folder. And then properties. Check here if reading alone is not on (should not be a cross)
Then go in the folder folder. And then you see a file with the extension “.db”. Do a Right Mouse click. And then properties. And also check here whether not only reading is on.

Can’t download anything with Spotnet get the message “Error while starting SABnzdb: view the logfile”

You get this error message because SABnzbd is built into Spotnet. However, that is an old version of SABnzbd. And he doesn’t get along well with the local host file. You can check this by doing the following.
Click Start. Click Run. type “%systemroot% \system32\drivers\etc”.
And then click OK. Here’s a file called hosts.
Back this up. Double click the hosts file. And choose the Notepad program. To open the file.
For Windows XP or Windows 2003, only the following line “ localhost” should be present. So there should be no # sign.
For Windows Vista or Windows 2008 server, only the following two lines should have a no # sign. localhost
::1 localhost
With Windows 7, only a # character should have. Now there are program that use the hosts file that can no longer function as a result. This is especially common in games that use the antibot/cheat system GameGaurd (for example, Aion: The Tower of Eternity, Flyff, GunBound, and Lineage II)
What you can do is install SABnzbd yourself. And then link Spotnet to SABnzbd. I think this is so convenient. Because then you can also link SickBeard or SickRage to your SABnzbd, for example. And as a result, you have not installed SABnzbd several times. Also, the advantage of this is. That you can just update SABnzbd and not fall behind.

Everything downloaded by SpotNet disappears into the trash

Close the Prgramma SpotNet. Go to the following folder “C:\ProgramData\Spotnet” then open the settings file.xml Open this file with Notepad. Then find the next line<RemoveDownloads>True</RemoveDownloads>. Then adjust this to<RemoveDownloads>false</RemoveDownloads>. Save the file. And try again.

Get the error message in SpotNet “key is not valid for use in specified state”

You may be able to resolve this by deleting the rsa file. Be the first to close SpotNet For the location of the rsa file see below:
Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\”usage code”\”code”.
Vista & Windows 7
The first line says “Spotnet User Key”.

Unable to retrieve new headers in SpotNet

This often has to do with your news server provider (header server) You can’t do anything about this yourself. Try again at a later date. And visit the website of your news server provider. You may be able to find more information about a malfunction there.

Spots are missing from SpotNet

There’s nothing you can do about this either. This often has to do with your news server provider (header server). Try again at a later date. And visit the website of your news server provider. Maybe you can find more information there if there’s a malfunction.

Unable to spot, get the message “Unable to reach the server. Try again later.”

Open the settings file.xml. This can be found in “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Local Application Data\Spotnet..” Look up the following “<ExternalSigning>True</ExternalSigning>” adjust this to “<ExternalSigning>False</ExternalSigning>”. This causes the signing server to be skipped. If this doesn’t work. Check your usenet provider’s site to see if there is currently no outage.

Spot processing error:This deployment is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithm

Create a new notepad file and use the following here.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa] “fipsalgorithmpolicy”=dword:000000000
Change the name of this file to “SpotNetfix.reg”.

Watch it! file extension must be on, in Windows Explorer.

Windows 10
windows 10 verborgen bestanden
Watch it! file extension must be on, in Windows Explorer.
This option can be found under Organize. Then Folder and Search Options. Go to the View tab And uncheck Hide Extensions for known file type here.

SpotNet download failed

This can happen for various reasons.

Download is affected by usenet DMCA. The download will probably work via another Usenet provider.

Your SpotNet classic is not up to date. Newer versions of SpotNet have new download techniques that may resolve the issue.

Download the nzb file from SpotNet or SpotWeb and import it into another program such as NZBGet.

SpotNet is slow to start up

This can happen when malfunctions. The blacklist whitelist cannot be retrieved and this causes a delay. You can solve this by adjusting it.

In SpotNet, go to Bewerken (Edit). Choose Bewerken (settings) and then external black and whitelist and enter the link below.

And don’t forget to save it.

Opvang (scope) has disappeared in SpotNet

Right-click on the title bar and check Omvang (size).

Which version of SpotNet is the best?

It is best to use SpotNet classic. SpotNet 2 is an old version and contains many bugs. SpotNet 2.0 is door iemand anders gemaakt.

Is SpotNet gratis?

Ja SpotNet is gratis software. There are different variants of SpotNet. En deze zijn allemaal gratis te gebruiken. But to be able to download from the newsgroups you need a Usenet provider. And these are often not free.

Is Spotnet legal?

The technology behind SpotNet is legal.

What’s better than SpotNet?

Er zijn verschillende SpotWeb sites. So you don’t have to install SpotNet. You then only need a download program such as NZBGet or SABnzbd.

What is the best Usenet provider for SpotNet?

See Usenet reviews for the best Usenet provider.

This was an overview of SpotNet error messages. You miss one. Then leave a message underneath. Then we can add it to the SpotNet error messages.

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