Configure SpotNet Windows to be able to download from SpotNet

In this SpotNet Configure Windows tutorial. We are going to configure SpotNet. So we can download new movies games and much more from Usenet.

Configure SpotNet Windows

Start SpotNet

spotnet configure provider

Go to Bewerken (edit) and then choose Provider.

Now you need your Usenet provider details. These are often sent to you by email. If you use the news server of your internet provider. Then you can often find it on the website of your internet provider. However, keep in mind that this one is often very bad.


Choose your Usenet Provider. if this is not listed, choose Anders (other). The Address is often something like “” The port is almost always 119. Set connections to 4. That’s more than enough. Because if you use other usenet program. Then you quickly exceed the limit of your Usenet provider. And it really won’t make you download faster. With more connections at once. Enter your Gebruikersnaam (username) and Wachtwoord (password). For you usenet provider. And then click verbinden (connect).

spotnet spots loading

If everything is filled in correctly. You will now see a loading bar. If you get an error message, check your Usenet information. It only needs a small spelling error. And it already doesn’t work.

Now it’s time to get yourself a drink. Because this can take a while before everything is picked up for the first time.

We now move to the next step. Click Voltooien. (finish). And SpotNet is now ready to use.

SpotNet tutorial Windows

  1. SpotNet tutorial.
  2. Windows install SpotNet.
  3. Configure SpotNet.
  4. Downloading with SpotNet.

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