Downloading with SpotNet 2.0 download from the newsgroups

In this tutorial I will explain how you can download with the SpotNet 2.0 program. SpotNet 2.0 download has nothing to do with old SpotNet. Also known as SpotNet classic.

I therefore recommend that you use SpotNet classic. But if you don’t speak Dutch, SpotNet 2.0 is better to use. This is because there is no advertising in this and more updates are coming out for SpotNet classic. Also, not everything works out well with SpotNet 2.0. And you can’t enter a password in SpotNet2.0 either. Unless you have SpotNet 2.0 linked to NZBGet,

You can use SpotNet 2.0 and SpotNet classic on the same computer.

SpotNet 2.0 vpn

You can see this in the bottom right corner.

This is really the big nonsense. Because you don’t upload anything to the newsgroups. I do recommend you. To use SSL from your Usenet provider. If you have SSL enabled. Then the traffic between you and your Usenet provider cannot be viewed.

A VPN is only useful. If you are going to upload content to the newsgroups.

It is unfortunately not possible to disable advertising in SpotNet 2.0. This is one of the reasons to use SpotNet Classic,

Change language

language spotnet 2.0

You can change the Language under Edit (bewerken) and then Language (taal).

Set up news server 2.0 SpotNet

When you start SpotNet 2.0 for the first time, you will receive a message to set up the news server. If you want to change this. Then you do that in the following way.

Set up news server 2.0 SpotNet

Go to Edit and chooseProvider. If your Usenet provider is not listed. Then choose Other.

The details of your Usenet provider. You can often find it on the website of your Usenet provider. If you don’t have a Usenet provider. Then you can use a free news server. I don’t recommend this at all. But it can be enough to pick up spots.

Option 1 Set NZBGet as download program

I’m going to set up NZBget as a download program in SpotNet 2.0. You must of course have NZBGet installed. If you haven’t already, see theNZBGet tutorial.

Spotnet 2.0 settings

Go to Editand then Settings.

SpotNet 2.0 download settings NZBGet as download program

Go to the Advanced Downloads tab. The address is if NZBGet is installed on the same computer. But I use my NAS to download. So I set ip address of my Nas. If you have NZBGet installed on another device. Then make sure that the ip address is reserved for your device. Otherwise, it may be that after restarting your device that the ip address is no longer correct. This can also happen after a reboot of your modem.

Option 2 Use SpotNet 2.0 download program I do not recommend this

SpotNet 2.0 Internal downloads

SpotNet 2.0 cannot unpack everything. So I don’t recommend this to you. Maybe this will change in the future. But SpotNet 2.0 is not really fast with updating. So that unpacking works well with the latest techniques.

Go to Edit.

Choose Settings.

Go to the Advanced Downloads tab.

Check the box Use internal downloader.

Here you can also indicate where your downloads should be saved.

Download with 2.0 SpotNet

spotnet 2.0 category

On the left, choose which section you want to download.

You can then go straight to the right side. Start your desired download by clicking the blue arrow.

But this won’t work if there is a password on your download. Because you can’t specify that in SpotNet 2.0 If you have made a link to NZBGet. Then you can enter a password. See the NZBGet password tutorial.

This was the tutorial Downloading with SpotNet 2.0 download from the newsgroups.

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