Newsgroups what are they and what can you do with them?

Newsgroups are similar to the forums found on many sites. In this article we will take a detailed look at what exactly the newsgroups are.

Newsgroups what are they and what can you do with them?

A newsgroup is a line of communication on Usenet. It is similar to the forums that can be found on many sites, but the newsgroups are not a direct part of the internet that you can surf to with a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Because a separate protocol is used for this (UUCP protocol) nowadays you can read group messages via the google through your browser. Newsgroups are also known as discussion groups.

There are many tens of thousands of newsgroups such as (written in full that deal with a wide variety of subjects. It gives everyone the opportunity to spread information and discuss. The newsgroups are also a place where users volunteer to help each other solve something, often related to computers and the internet, but it can also be about diseases or your goldfish.

Download newsgroups

Downloading from newsgroups is increasingly used for distribution of binary files (such as RAR and ZIP files), even though that was not the original intention of the newsgroups. This is because files from Usenet can be downloaded by an unlimited number of users, with the download speed only depending on the bandwidth of the Usenet server and that of your own internet connection. This is in contrast to Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks such as Kazaa and Limewire. Because with p2p you depend on the uploader’s upload speed. The upload speed is almost always lower than the download speed. The only drawback of downloading with newsgroups is that you often need a usenet payserver. Because that of your internet provider is often very bad, if it still offers a Usenet server.

Programs for downloading from newsgroups

You need a Usenet client like Grabit or SABnzbd. With these programs it is possible to download files from newsgroups. On this website you can find plenty of manuals on how to set up these programs. If you are not good, I advise you to start with the Grabit program, which is very simple to use, but this program lacks some useful options. If you are an advanced user, it is best to use SABnzbd. This program can work together with other programs that can, for example, automatically download TV series and films. For more information, see also the article how do you use the newsgroups?

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