Why take a usenet payserver?

payserver usenet high retention

Usenet access internet provider or free.

Often your internet connection also includes a Usenet server (news server). But this is often of very low quality because.

  1. They often only support text groups, so no downloading movies and music.
  2. The download speed is very low.
  3. Often have a very low retention of, for example, only 3 days. The retention is the number of days that something can be downloaded from the newsgroups.
  4. download limit.

See here an overview of Usenet servers internet providers.

Payserver Usenet access

You do not have these problems with a Payserver.

  1. You can download everything.
  2. You can get the most out of your internet connection, but pay attention to which Usenet package you take.
  3. Payserver has a high retention, which is often 900 days or more.
  4. No download limit. Please note do not take a block account, they do have a limit.
  5. The only drawback is that you have to pay for it, but you will earn it back in no time. Compared to Bittorent, this is much faster, so you have to leave your PC on for less time and therefore save power.

Are you in doubt? See an overview of free news servers here. There are also some with a trial period so you can try it out at full speed and without restrictions.

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