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In this tutorial I explain. How to enter a password for your downloads in NZBGet. This is a bit hidden in NZBGet.

password enter for your downloads

downloads nzbget

Add a download, as you normally do. So ADDthen Select Files.

The above screen will then appear.

Click on the nameof the NZB file.

enter password nzbget

The above screen appears. Here you can enter the password at password.

And click Save.

encryptyd nzbget

You will now see encrypted with your download.

Nzbget Specify password later

Nzbget Specify password later

Add a download, as you normally do. So ADD then Select Files. And then look up your nzb file.

Press on Submit.

nzbget download screen

Then open your download. You do this by selecting it. You will get the screen above. Press on Postprocces.

image 26

You can now at Passsword. Specify the password for this download.

It is best to copy and paste this.

Press on Save.

encryptyd nzb get

If everything went well, you will now see encrypted. In addition to your download that is in progress.

You’re done now.
Password entering downloads NZBGet Windows Ubuntu Debian

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