NZBGet downloads with password do not download Ubuntu

In this turorial NZBGet downloads with password do not download Ubuntu. I am going to explain how you can prevent your downloads from being fully downloaded with a password.

Download NZBGet password script

If you have made a connection via the command line. Then you must do the following.

Go to the correct folder. This can be something else. It depends on where you have installed NZBGet.

cd /nzbget/scripts

or for example.

cd .nzbget/scripts

Download the script to detect the passwords.


Assign the correct rights to the script. To be sure.

sudo chmod +x /nzbget/scripts/

You must restart NZBGet. Otherwise the script is not recognized. That is possible via the NZBget interface. Or with the following command (if you use a startup script)

sudo service restart nzbget

If the above does not work. Then you can also do the following. Open NZBGet via the web interface. Go to Settings. And then to SYSTEM. And click on Reload Settings.

Configure NZBGet password script

Now you still have to configure NZBGet. So that downloads with a password are deleted.

Open NZBGet in your browser. Go to Settings. If everything went well. Then you have an extra tab on the left side PASSWORDDETECTOR.

nzbget password detector

Go too PASSWORDDECTOR. Convert the slider at PassAction to Mark Bad.

Now go to the tab Extension scripts. With QueueScripts. Click on the Choose button

enable nzbget-password-script

Check the Passworddector checkbox here. And click Apply.

Save the settings. And go to the SYSTEM tab. And click on Reload Settings.

You’re done now. Downloads with a password are now deleted.

Sonarr and CoucPotato also support this. And then send a new NZB to NZBGet. Your NewzNab provider must supports this.

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