Don’t download NZBGet downloads with password Synology

In this tutorial do not download downloads with passworded files NZBGet Synology. I’m going to explain how to prevent your downloads from being downloaded completely. if they contain a password. In the file to download.

Activate SSH Synology

If you don’t have SSH enabled on your Synology NAS yet. Then you have to turn it on first. In onderstaande leg ik je uit hoe je SSH aanzet op je Synology nas.

activate synology terminal service

In Synology we go to Control Panel, and then to Terminal and SNMP.

enable ssh synology

Check the box Enable SSH service here. And press Apply.

Access Synology from the command line with Putty

Now that we have enabled Terminal (SSH) on your Synology NAS, we can access the NAS via the command line. We do this with the free program Putty.

Je kan de laatste versie van Putty hier downloaden start vervolgens de putty.exe.

putty-synology connection

Once Putty has started we will do the following.

Fill in the IP address of your NAS at Host Name and at Port10. then click Open.

You will now receive a message click on Yes. This is because you have not previously connected to your NAS via the command line. This only needs to be done the first time.

You will now see a black screen with login as:. Enter your user name here. This must be an Admin account. Press Enter. And enter your password. And then press again Enter.

Download password script

Now go to the correct folder.

cd /usr/local/nzbget/share/nzbget/

We need to set the permissions right on the “scripts” folder.

sudo chmod -R 777 scripts

Now we go into the folder scripts.

cd scripts

We are now going to download the password script.


The password script is now downloaded. You can now close SSH.

Configure NZBGet password script

Now you need to configure NZBGet. So that downloads with a password are deleted.

Open NZBGet in your browser. And go to Settings. If everything went well. Then you now have an extra PASSWORDDETECTORtab on the left.

nzbget password detector setup

Go too PASSWORDDECTOR. Set the slider at PassAction to Mark Bad here.

Now go to the tab Extension scripts. Under QueueScripts, click the Choosebutton.

Turn on nzbget password script

Now check the Passworddectorbox. And click Apply.

Save the settings. And go back to the SYSTEMtab and click on Reload Settings.

You’re done now. Downloads with a password are now deleted.

Programs like CoucPotato and Sonarr support this. That means if your Newznabprovider also supports this. That a new NZB is automatically downloaded. If it is available from the Newznab provider.

Enter NZBGet password manually

It is also possible to manually enter the password in NZBGet. For more information, see the NZBGet password entry manual.

Don’t download downloads with passworded files NZBGet

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