NZBGet configure Windows to be able to download

In this tutorial configure NZBGet Windows. We are going to configure NZBGet to download from the newsgroups. If NZBget is configured. Then we can also link other programs to it, such as SickChill and CouchPotato.

Open your browser and go to Unless you have INSTALLED NZBget on another computer. Then what you’re behind now. Then the http://local-ip-address:6789. The username and password is . What you specified during installation. And otherwise the default username nzbget, and the password also nzbget.

NZBGet configure Windows

nzbget-settings NZBGet configure Windows

Once we’ve opened nzbget’s web page. Then we go to Settings.

Now we go to the tab PATHS. This can be found on the left.

Adjust MainDir (temporary location) and DestDir (final location) here. To the desired location, to save your downloads.

Set up news server NZBGet Windows

Now we go to the tab NEWS-SERVERS. You now need the data from the news server. Which you use to download from the newsgroups. You can often find this data in the confirmation email from your news server. See also here Freee usenet servers. These free news servers are very useful as a backup.

Copy the data below.

Name You can come up with the name yourself.

level The first best news server is 0. If you add some free news servers, set it up 1. Then NZBGet will first try to download everything via the 0 server. If that doesn’t work with the 0 servers. Then NZBGet will try everything with 1 level. Then NZBGet will try it with level 2 and so on.

Host This is the address of the news server This can often be found in your confirmation email from your news server also known as your Usenet provider.

Port This is 563, if you’re using SSL. If you do not use SSL, it is often 119. The advice is to use SSL. Then no one can watch what you download only your News server host. If they keep logs of this. Which they usually don’t.

UserName You can often find this in your confirmation email from your Usenet provider.

Password You can often find this in your confirmation email from your news server.

Encrypt If you use SSL. Then check this box.

Connections 4 is often enough. And then you often have something left over for other things. Like SpotNet, for example. If you can make a lot of connections to your newsserver. Then I recommend increasing it. But this differs per news server.

Retention the retention, you can often find on the website of your news server provider.

Click Test Connection. And if that went well. Now you can add even more servers. I advise you to do the same. Like your internet provider, and free news servers. Your download is more likely to come in completely.

Set Security NZBGet Windows

Now we go to the Tablad SECURITY.

Enter your desired username and password in ControlUsername and in ControlPassword. If this is still the default password nzbget.

You are now done configuring NZBGet Windows. And you can download it now from the newsgroups. You can do this by downloading a NZB file. And then import it into NZBGet.

If you have any questions, please leave a message. Or see the NZBGet FAQ for the most frequently asked questions.

NZBGet Windows tutorial

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