Configure NZBGet Synology DSM 6 for the newsgroups

In this tutorial Configure NZBGet Synology DSM 6. Let’s configure NZBGet. To download from the newsgroups. And we secure NZBGet with a username and password.

Mocht je tijdens de configuratie tegen problemen aanlopen. Zie dan NZBGet foutmeldingen met oplossingen.

Open your browser and go to http://your-nas-ip-address:6789. The username and password is what you entered during the installation. And otherwise it defaults to the username nzbgetand password is also nzbget.

massages nzbget

If you have NZBGet open in your internet browser. Then you go to Messages.

nzbget errors none

Check that no error messages are displayed here.

nzbget settings

Now go to Settings.

nzbget configure newsserver

Nu gaan we naar  het tablad NEWS-SERVERS. Je hebt nu de gegevens nodig van de nieuwsserver die jij gebruikt om te downloaden uit de nieuwsgroepen. Deze gegevens kan je vaak terug vinden in de welkoms email van je nieuwsserver. Zie ook  Gratis nieuwsserver. Deze gratis nieuwsserver toevoegen, als back-up. Zodat als iets incompleet is bij je hoofd nieuwsserver. Dat NZBGet het bij een andere nieuwsserver probeert.

Name You can come up with your own name.

level The first news server is 0. If you add some free news servers, set it up 1. Then NZGet will first try to download everything via the 0 server (main server) if that does not work Then NZBGet will try everything with level 1.

Host This is the address of the news server You can often find this in your welcome email.

Port This is 563 if you are using SSL. If you do not use SSL, it is often 119. My advice always use SSL!

UserName You can often find this in your welcome email.

PasswordYou can often find this in your welcome email.

Encryptturn on, if you use SSL. My advice is turn this on!

Connections 4 is plenty. And then you often have some left over for other things like SpotNet.

RetentionThe retention can often be found. On the website of your news server provider.

Repeat the above for each news server. Only sets Level to 1.

Click Test Connection. If that went well. Then you can add more servers.

nzbget username enter

Now we go to the Tablad SECURITY.

Enter your desired username and password in ControlUsername and in ControlPassword. Safety comes first!

I also recommend that you change your port. I myself use port 8085. So you can easily set up your ports. In a certain range on your router. Because I then put Sonarr back on port 8086, for example.

nzbget save all

Scroll down and at the bottom left there is a button hiding Save all Changes. Press on it.

Once you’ve changed the port, you’ll need to restart NZBGet. You can do this via Synolgy. Or you will receive a notification from NZBGet itself. And then an option to restart.

Je bent nu klaar met de configuratie van NZBGet. En je kan er nu mee downloaden. Door NZB bestanden te importeren. Voor meer informatie over NZBGet zie NZBGet handleidingen.

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