Install NZBGet Synology NAS for the newsgroups

In this NZBGet Install Synology NAS tutorial. Let’s install NZBGet on a Synology NAS. Next, we are going to configure NZBGet. So you can download from the newsgroups.

The tutorial below is for Synology DSM version 5.

The new NZBGet Synology tutorial can be found here Installing NZBGet Synology.

Add NZBGet installation option to your Synology NAS.

Before we can install NZBGet on your Synology NAS. First, let’s add the ability to install NZBGet on your Synology NAS. If this is already done. You can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in to your Synology webpage.

Then go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Now go to Settings.

allow synology any publisher

Then select Any Publisher

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to thePackage Sources tab. Now click Add. Enter a namefor Name. And at location, enter the following “” Then click OKand OKagain.

Install NZBGet

Synology Package Center-um

Now we can actually download NZBGet on your Synology NAS.

Go back to the Package center.

Synology Community

Then scroll down and click on Community.

Install NZBget synology

Look up NZBGet. And now click Install.

nzbget download folder and username synology

You will then see the above screen. Enter the correct information and click Next.

nzbget install synology nas

Click Applynow .

NZBget is now installed on your Synology NAS.

You can access NZBGet via http://ip-address:6789. The username and password is what you entered during the installation. By default, the username is nzbgetand password is also nzbget.

You are now done installing NZBGet Synology. And you can now go to the next step to configure NZBGet.

DSM 5 NZbGet tutorial Synology

  1. NZBGet tutorial.
  2. Install NZBGet synology.
  3. Nzbget configureren Synology DSM5.

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