NZBGet Install Synology DSM 6 for Downloading

In deze NZBGet installeren Synology DSM 6 handleiding. In this NZBGet install Synology DSM 6 tutorial. Let’s install NZBGet on a Synology with DSM version 6. So you can download from the newsgroups.

Add NZBGet installation option to your Synology NAS.

Before we can install NZBGet on your Synology NAS, we need to add the ability to install NZBGet on your Synology NAS. If this is already done. You can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in to your Synology webpage. Then go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then, go to Settings.

Synology package sources installation - allow any publisher

Select Each publisher.

Go to thePackage Sources tab. Now click Add. Engels Entera name at Name and at location enter the following “” Then click OKand OKagain.

Create NZBGet download folder

synology configure

Go to the main webpage of your Synology and choose Control Panel.

shared folder synology

Click Shared Folder.

create shared folder synology for nzbget

Click Create. And click Createagain.

nzbget download folder synology

Geef bij Naam: downloads op. And also include something in the description. Then click OK.

permissions folder nzbget

Select local users. For the users Admin(sometimes also called Administrator) and Userscheck read and write permissions. Then click OK.

Install NZBGet

Synology Package Center-um

Now we can actually install NZBGet on your Synology NAS. Go back to the Package center.

synology gemeenschap knop

Then go down and click on Community.

install nzbget synology

Locate NZBGet and click Install.

nzbget downloads synology

You will then see the above screen.

Enter the correct information and click Next.

nzbget install synology overview

Click Applynow .

NZBget is now installed on your Synology. You can access NZBGet via http://ip-address:6789. The username and password is what you entered during the installation. By default, the username is nzbgetand password is also nzbget.

NZbGet tutorial Synology

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