Install SickRage Synology DSM 6 for Series

.In This tutorial Installing SickRage Synology DSM 6. Let me explain how you can install SickRage on your Synology with DSM version 6.

If you have an existing SickRage installed, you must remove it. Before you can start a new installation.

Add SickRage installation option

Before we can install SickRage on your Synology NAS. We need to, add the ability to install SickRage on your Synology. If you have already added “” as the source. then you can skip this step.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in to your Synology webpage, go to thePackage Center.

Synology Settings

Now go to Settingsat the top.

Synology Package-Resources-install-allow

Select Any publisher here.


Go to thePackage Sources tab.

Now click Add.

Enter a nameat Nameand at location enter the following ““.

Install SickRage Synology DSM 6

Synology Package Center-um

Now we can install the SickRage package on your Synology NAS.

Go back to the Package center.

Synology Community

Scroll down and click Community.


Look up SickRage here. , and then click Install. SickRage is now installed. And you can now access SickRage via http://ip-adress:8081

Update SickRage Synology

If you get a notification in Synology. That there is an update for SickRage you should not update it!

Otherwise, there is a chance that you will brake SickRage. After restarting your Synology.


If you start SickRage now you will most likely get the above message. Then download the latest SickRage right away.

Press on Update Now.


If you don’t get an update notification now. Click on the icon of the screwdriver and wrench at the top right.

Then click Check For Updates.

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