Configure SickRage with NZBGet Synology DSM 6 or later

In this tutorial, configure SickRage with NZBGet Synology. We’re going to configure SickRage. So that NZBGet download the latest TV series. Before you start this tutorial. NZBGet should be installed and configured. So you can download from the newsgroups. If not yet. Then see the tutorial installing NZBGet Synology.

Configure SickRage with NZBGet Synology

Open SickRage through your browser. With the following address. http://your-ip-address-synology:8083 . It could be a different port.

sickrage config

Then click in the upper right corner. On the Icon with 2 gear wheels. Then go to General. Now go to the Tablad Interface. Put the top option on you desired language for example NL_NL. Hold down the CTRL+F5 at the same time.

The interface language of SickRage. Now set in your desired language.

Protect SickRage

image 138

Scroll down. And fill in with HTTP user and HTTP password.

Otherwise, anyone on your local network can access SickRage. And make changes without logging in. And if you have gate forwading on. Then everyone from outside can also access it.

Now click Save.

SickRage search settings

sickrage search settings

At the top right,click Search Settings .

Adjust the following settings. On this page.

Check propoper Set this to 4. Because 24 hours is way too much. Meestal verschijnt een proper sneller dan 24 uur. You must always download a proper version. Because if there’s a propper out there. Then there’s something wrong with the original. For example, sound is missing or a part of the tv show.

Usenet retention Put it on the number of days your usenet provider supports. Usually that is much more than 500. What this default is set to. This also increases the chance that something will be found.

Ignore words Delete here dutch. You can add the following suggestions. x265, AAC.2.0 Watch it! There has to be a comma between the words every time. X265, most media players cannot handle it. And 2.0 sound is not done. Unless you’re looking on an iPad or something.

Use Failed Downloads Turn on this option.

Delete failed Turn on this option. This option will not appear until the above option is on.

Link SickRage to NZBGet

We’re going to the tablad NZB Search.

image 139

Inherit the following settings.

NZB search engine enable check.

Send nzbs to Select NZBGet.

Enter your user name and password from NZBGet.

Do not adjust the rest of the settings. Otherwise it won’t work!

Scroll down. And click Save.

NZB search engines

Now we click on Search Enginesat the top left. We’ll be the first to go to the Configure your own Newznab Providertab.

add newznab sickrage

Take over the above. And click Add. Once you have done that, we will add as many Newznab providers as possible. Because the more Newznab providers you add, the greater the chance that your series will be downloaded completely. See here some free Newnnab providers. You must create an account for each Newznab provider. If you’ve added as many as you can, choose Save.

sickrage search engine order

Now go to the Search Engine Ordertasheet. Turn on SickBeard upstairs. Because it has no newznab api limit, but also no Backlog This means that old episodes are often not found in this search engine. Unless they are reuploaded. Other NZB search engines often do have an API limit. The higher this limet the higher you put it in the list.

SickRage Subtitles

Now we go to the top left to the subtitles.

sickrage subs

Put to Search Subtitles. At Subtitle Languages, enter your preffered subtitles subs and English if you want them. Set the Search Frequency Subtitles to 5. Scroll down and click Saveat the bottom left.

sickrage subtitle search engines

Go to the tablad Subtitles search engines. And put the following check marks toAddic7ed, Opensubtitles,and Podnapsisi. And put them in this order too, by dragging them. You could be English if you want this one.

Now go to the search engine settings tasheet. For the websites below, you need to create an account. And fill in the details here.

When that is done. Then click Saveagain .

SickRage post-processing

Now you top right to Post processing. Then adjust the following options.

Processing method Make this Move.

Postpone post-processing Turn on vinjje.

Create missing TV Folders Turn on check mark.

image 143

Now we go to the tablad delivery designation. Take over from the image above. This is the best. So that Kodi and other tools can easily find subtitles for your TV series.

image 144

Now go to the Metadatatasheet. You can indicate here. Whether to download covers for Kodi or other media playback devices. Then choose Save.

Create series folder

Open your Synology interface page through your web browser.

synology file drive

Go to File Station.

synology folder-creating

Click Create. And then Create New Shared Folder. I assume that you want to access this folder within your local network. To be able to play your series on your media player or iPad and so on.

tvseries folder sickrage synology

Give a name to your folder here. And click Ok.

sickrage rights tv folder

Check theRead/Write checkboxes for your Admin account. Your own account and that of SickRage.

image 147

Click Local Users. And choose Local Groups. You will receive the above message click on Yes.

local groups sickrage

Check read/write at Administrators and Users. Click Ok. The folder has now been created.

Add series

Now we go back to SickRage. http://synology-iop-adress:8083

add sickRage Series

At the top right, click Series. And then Add Series.

add new series sickrage

Choose the top Add Option of New Series.

series search sickrage

Enter the name of your show. And click Search. Then select your series. And click Next.

image 151

Click New. Locate the folder you just created. (see Creating map series) And click OK. Then click Set as default. After that, click Next.

series wanted sickrage instellen kwaliteit.

Indicate the quality you want here. And tick the box Download the subtitles for this series?

Status for previously aired episodesIf you set This to Wanted. Then all episodes will be downloaded. So are the old episodes.

Status for all future episodes must be on wanted. Otherwise you will not get new episodes.

Click Add Series.

You’re done now. And you can add the rest of your TV shows you love watching.

SickRage Synology dsm6 + tutorial

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  2. Install SickRage DSM 6+.
  3. Configure SickRage using NZBGet Synology DSM 6 or above.

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