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In this SpotLite tutorial we will configure SpotLite. So you get the latest downloads that are on Usenet. Can find and download with your favorite download program. So like for example Newsleecher SAbznbd or NZBGet. It could be so. That with SpotLite you can’t find everything on Binsearch or This is because not all newsgroups are displayed here. But this is because downloads can also be spread across multiple newsgroups.

spotlite configure options

We’re starting SpotLite. And then we go to Options. And then we go to Configuration.

instellingen nieuwsserver spotlite

Now you need to enter the server data from your Usenet provider here. This information can often be found in your welcome mail. The one you got from your Usenet Provider. Please enter the news server address. And the users name with corresponding password.

If you want it to load faster. Then turn off the check mark. At Pictures from newsgroups show out. Because why would you need it? If you want to see porn. Then you can also turn on the check mark for eroticism. If you check the box for eroticism. That doesn’t mean nothing’s going to happen. But the chances are very, very slim. Then click OK.

spotlite headers

If all is filled in correctly at the settings in Spotlite. Then SpoteLite will now get the download information from the newsgroups. You can see this on the bottom left in SpotLite. This may take some time. Especially when you start SpotLite for the first time.

spotlite overview

When SpotLite is ready. Then you have a navigation menu on the left.

I love movies so I choose on the left for x264 HD. You can see all kinds of movies on the right. Choose something fun and select your movie.

spotlite downloads verzicht

If you want to download the movie. Then go with your mouse over the icon. With a world ball plus a hardisk. A drop down menu will appear. Then choose your nzb search engine. The best is after my opinion NZbindex. So I’ll pick that one, too. Then, in your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox etc) a screen opens to the NZB search engine.

search spotlite

Select the correct nzb file by checking the box. And opt for Create NZB. Now you can open the NZB file with grabit, for example. And your download starts downloading.

Now it can happen that nothing is found. This is because not all groups are supported in nzbindex. Or it’s encrypted in some way. There’s not much you can do about this. You will then have to download this NZB. From, for example, a SpotWeb Site or SpotNet.

This was the SpotLite configuration manual.

SpotLite tutorial Windows

  1. Tutorial SpotLite.
  2. Installing SpotLite.
  3. Configure SpotLite.

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