NZB index NZB files search and download from newsgroups

NZBindex nzb files search is a NZB index site where you can create a free NZB file. One of the best free NZB indexes. It’s the Google among NZB search engines. The handy thing about NZBindex is. That you can pretty much do settings. The beauty of this is. That you can also keep these settings! So you have these settings. Don’t have to fill in every time.

This NZB index site. Has a database of Usenet headers of 1000+ days.

Advanced Search NZBindex

NZBindex Advanced search for nzb files

Click the Advanced Search button. The following settings are very useful to turn on, and keep:

  1. Has NFO file. This is very, very convenient. If you don’t use a Usenet communions. If you are a member of a Usenet communion. Then it’s best to turn this option off. Otherwise, not everything will be displayed. These communions often link to Nowadays you don’t often come across NFO files that are useful to you.
  2. Hide Crosspost. These are downloads posted in multiple groups.
  3. Hide possible spam.
  4. Minimum size: “5”. What’s underneath is often a virus. Except for the exception of applications. Or small updates of computer games.

Click Save These Settings.

It may happen that not everything is always found on Nzb index. This sometimes happens with deliberately misquoted files. Then each rar file has a different name. This website cannot do anything about this. You will then have to download this NZB file from another source. For example a Newznab provider orSpotWeb site.


You can do this by adding country code in your search. For example add “NL” NZB files often contain a Dutch costum of subtitles. Or it means it’s a Dutch spoken TV series or movie. It can also be Dutch music, of course. Often these posts are posted in or alt If you can’t find anything then it is best to use a Usenet community also known as a Dutch Usenet Forums.

Alternative NZbindex

If you can’t find something. Then it is best to use Binsearch or Nzbking. These are good alternatives for If the nl domain of nzbindex does not work, try the .com domain of Nzbindex as well. And also see the page NZB search engines. API

Unfortunately, this website does not have options for an API. You will then have to look at a Newznab site. These do have options for an API. Sometimes it is possible to integrate this website in another way. At Coucpotato you can use this website. Only the results are very bad. That’s why I don’t recommend this.

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