BiNZB a nzb search engine to search the newsgroups

On you can search and download nzb files. Nowadays a lot is encrypted and you really have to know what to look for. You cannot avoid using this website with aUsenet community.

BiNZB nzb search engine

It is possible to browse the newsgroups. But you can also search by typing in your search query.

filter nzb files

The filtering of nzb files is somewhat limited. If you compare this with other nzb search engines. If you have done a search. You can only filter on the above 3 three at the top right. And they will appear at the top of your search.

Download nzb files from BiNZB

BiNZB direct download nzb file

When you have found the desired download. Then you have to make sure that you press the Direct Download button. The rest is advertising.

Alternatives BiNZB

See nzb search engines for more websites like BiNZB.

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