Search and download binsearch NZB files from the newsgroups

Search and download binsearch NZB files from the newsgroups is a free nzb search engine. By using specific keywords, the desired results appear on your screen. Then you create a nzb file. And you import it into a download program. For example, sabnzbd, NZBGet, Newsleecher, or Grabit.

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The most convenient thing is that you first find out how many days of retention your Usenet provider has. As soon as you know that, enter the days at “Maximum age of post:”, which is closest to that of your Usenet provider. Then click to[change default settings]save these settings for the next time. Then fill in the search box the name of, for example, a movie you want to download. For example, if you want to download a High Defintion film with Dutch subs, put behind the movie name “1080p en”.

Nowadays, many downloads have strange names. You will then be dependent on a Usenet forum or newbznab provider,to find out exactly what has been posted in the newsgroups.

Password protective downloads

If it says [requires password] this is often the case. And you’d better get another download. To find out a password you have to search the Usenet communions. These are also called Usenet forums. Or use SpotNet.

Nfo files on Bin search

If you want more info about what you plan to download, there is often a file with the extension “.nfo” If it is included then button view NFO is available. If you click on this then. Then the next screen will appear.

Nfo binsearch open


Are you unsure to download a particular download? You can easily add posts to binsearch’s watchlist, so you can download them at a later date. Put a check mark for the post. And click the Add to watchlistbutton. Use the watchlist button at the top of the web page to see your favorites list. You can also use the feature to create one nzb file from the collected material, which allows you to download all added music and movies at once. However, there is a downside to this. That download programs as Sabnzbd also sees it as one. Which often makes the download folders a mess. Beware! It is a requirement that your browser accept cookies. The disadvantage of this is also that the watchlist cannot be opened, on another computer. Or you have to move your cookies with you every time.

Binsearch alternatives

If bin search is a bit slow or unrea way to reach. Then it is best to use Nzbindex, Nzbking or See also the page NZB search engines for a complete overview.

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