Search and download NZB files is a free NZB search engine like Nzbindex and By using the right keywords you can download an nzb file. You can then import an nzb file into a program such as Grabit or Newsleecher. And then your desired files will be downloaded from the newsgroups.


Find NZB files with

At the top left under the search area you have a button NZB Search Options click on it. Then adjust the Age of posts to the retention of your usenet proiver. Since there is quite a bit of junk on usenet and doesn’t filter it, it is also wise to enter at least 100 at Size between so that the junk is filtered out. Unless you are looking for very small programs. But if you are looking for movies, for example, you can set it nice and high. The better the quality of the film, the higher you can set this. Click on Find The results will now appear on the screen select by clicking on the yellow Download button. Unfortunately, you cannot select multiple files at once. Then choose Save NZB as XML Document. You can now open the NZB file with your download program and the download can begin.

NZBfriends biedt het volgende aan:

  • 1000 Days Retention
  • Search by File name, Subject and poster etc.
  • RSS ondersteuning
  • You can browse the newsgroups. is a nice NZB index site. But you can notice that they still have something to do when we look at site, for example. For example, you cannot view NFO files and there is no option to hide possible spam.

Nzbfriends alternatief

For an alternative see another NZB search engine. Or see the links below.

See also Search Usenet article for more information about searching Usenet.

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