Install SpotLite Windows to find nzb files

In this tutorial, we are going to install SpotLite. SpotLite is almost the same as SpotNet. However, this one is less heavy for your computer. This is because some parts of SpotNet have simply been stripped out. SpotLite only displays the file name and which newsgroup the download is in. It also does not have its own download client. So you can just use your own download client such as Grabit, Sabnzbd or Newsleecher.

Download SpotLite

SpotLite Download

When Spotlite has been downloaded you must first extract the file. This can be done by default with Windows by extracting All files. In Windows, this is called a compressed folder.

Otherwise you can do that with the Winrar program. Right click on the file and choose Extract in Spotlite(v2)windows-freeware a folder will appear Spotlite(v2)windows-freeware

Extract SpotLite


When the file is extracted. Then go to the Spotlite(v2)windows-freeware folder.

Then click on the Setup.exe

SpotLite installation wizard

Then click Next

SpotLite installation folder

Then choose the location to install SpotLite. You do this by clicking Browse, and finding the location where you want to install SpotLite. Then choose Install.

Now it’s time to wait.

SpotLite installation Starting Spotelite

Once the installation is complete. Then the next screen will appear. Then click Finish.

update spotlite database

There is a chance that you will receive the above message, click OK. This is not correct at all because you still have to enter the details of your Usenet Provider. We will do that in the next step.

SpotLite tutorial Windows

  1. SpotLite tutorial.
  2. Install SpotLiite.
  3. Configure SpotLite.

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