cheap usenet provider with VPN

Tweaknews logo is a cheap Usenet provider. Thare is no data limit. And the speed is not limited either. But for this you have to buy the Ultimate account.

Advantages of this Usenet provider

  1. Access over port 119 and with SSL 583.
  2. SSL is supported.
  3. No data limit.
  4. connections, equal, from 30 to 60. This depends on the account you order.
  5. Unlimited Speed. But then you have to take Ultimate + VPN account.
  6. You can take block account there.
  7. 3,400 days of retention.
  8. Paypal Direct Debit, Credit Card and Ideal support.
  9. You can create a free account. It is valid for 10 days. You can then download up to 10 gig.

Newserver settings.

Standard port 119. And with SSL 583.


The helpdesk can only be reached via a contact form on the website. They aim to respond within five working days.

Speed Tweaknews

The speed is stable

Conclusion is Tweaknews good?

This is a reasonable usenet provider. The VPN option seems to be broke.

Alternative tweak

For an alternative see providers usenet.

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