Extreme Usenet provider review extra cheap outside peak hours

Extreme usenet

Extreme usenet has no download limit. And you can download add maximum speed of 300 Mbit from the newsgroups. This provider has quite some problems with Usenet DMCA requests.

Advantages of this Usenet provider

  1. Very cheap, if you choose an account. With which you can only download outside of peak hours.
  2. SSL is supported.
  3. Unlimited download from the newsgroups.
  4. Account sharing is allowed.
  5. 1200 days of retention.
  6. Via bank transfer, Credit card.
  7. Upgrade to a faster account is possible.
  8. Servers are located in the Netherlands.

Newserver settings.

Server: news.extremeusenet.nl

Port: 119 or 80

SSL ports: 563, 443


ExtremeUsenet Quickly responds to user questions. This provider can only be reached by e-mail.

Speed ​​newsserver

The speed is very stable, it is a maximum of 300 Mbit. This is more than enough for most users.

Conclusion is Extreme Usenet good?

This is a reasonable good provider. Unfortunately they do suffer from DMCA, but nowadays many providers have that.


See the next page Usenet servers for an alternative. Or the links below.

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