Newsdemon Usenet provider review Provider with free VPN

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NewsDemon is a Usenet provider. Where you get free VPN. It is possible to download without speed restrictions. Of course you do suffer from the limit of your internet provider. Newsdemon has European and USA servers.


  1. More than 170,000 newsgroups.
  2. Access over port 119, and with SSL 563 or 443.
  3. It is possible to take use a VPN subscription.
  4. Unlimited speed is possible.
  5. No data limit. Unless you opt for a block account.
  6. 50 connections is possible.
  7. Unlimited Speed.
  8. 3828 days retention.
  9. Paypal supported

Newserver settings. NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080 NNTP port(s): 119, 443, 8080 SSL port(s): 563, 80 of 81 SSL port(s): 563, 80 of 81


The helpdesk is 24/7 online.


The speed is stable Of course the maximum speed depends on the subscription you choose. Should you not get the maximum speed change is between Europe and USA servers.

Conclusion is NewsDemon good?

This is a reasonable good Usenet provider. You can download at high speeds. And it is possible to take a cheap VPN subscription. You don’t need a VPN to download from the newsgroups. Because you are already using SSL. Unless you want to start uploading to the newsgroups. Or if you are also using Bitorrent then a VPN is handy.

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