Install Watcher Ubuntu command line

In this tutorial install Watcher Ubuntu command line. We are going to install the Watcher program via the command line. Watcher makes it possible to automatically download your films from the newsgroups. Unfortunately, Torrent files are not supported with Watcher.

Install Watcher Ubuntu

We need to do an update first.

sudo apt-get update

We need to install the necessary software for Watcher. Unless you’ve already done this once.

Add recent source for Python.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa

Install Python 3

sudo apt-get install python3.8

Download Watcher. And install it in the hidden folder watcher.

sudo git clone ./watcher

Set the folder rights correctly. Beware! Change username to your own username.

sudo chown -R Username:Username ./watcher

Go to the correct folder and start Watcher.

cd ./watcher

You are now done. With the installation of Watcher. And you can now access this via http: // ip-ubuntu-computer:9090

Auto start

It is of course very handy. If Watcher is started automatically. During the Ubuntu startup process.

We are going to create the systemd configuration file for Watcher.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/watcher.service

Copy the text below and paste it in watcher.service And adjust the user. To your own user name.

Description=Watcher Daemon
ExecStart=/usr/bin/python2.7 ./ –address -d


Press Ctrl+X. And y key to save. And exit the file.

The systemd service must be activated for Watcher.

sudo systemctl enable watcher

Start the Watcher service.

sudo service watcher start

Watcher is now started when Ubuntu is restarted. You can test this by doing a reboot.

sudo reboot

You are now done. With the installation of Watcher.

Watcher Ubuntu tutorial

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