Install watcher Windows. And start automatically, using Task Planner

in this install Watcher Windows tutorial. I’m going to explain to you how to install Watcher on a computer running Windows 10.

Python 3 download and install Windows

To use Watcher, we need Python 3. So we are going to install this.

Download Python 3 here.

Start the setup.

image 309

Click Install Now.

image 310

We’re going to have to wait. This may take a few minutes.

image 311

Click Close.

Python 3 is now installed on your Windows PC.

Install Watcher Windows

Go to

watcher download windows

Click here on Clone or download.

Select Download ZIP.

watcher-unpacking-windows watcher install windows

If you downloaded the zip betand.

Then place this on the c disc and unpack this file. If you’re using Winrar. Then Right mouse click on the file. And then Extract Here.

So you now have a folder “C:\Watcher3-master”.

Watcher launch Windows

watcher3 windows

You can now start Watcher with the C:\Watcher3 file. You’ll get the above notification now. Click Allow Access.

You can now access Watcher via http://localhost:9090/ However, if you close the Python file now. Then you can’t approach Watcher anymore. So we’re going to fix this!

hidden files windows watcher3

We need to turn off the hidden extensions option in Windows.

In Windows 10, you do it the next way.

If you’re in Windows Explorer. Click View.

Then click Options.

Click Change Folders and Search Options now.

enable extensions windows

Turn off the extensions check mark for known file types here.

Watcher exensie

Now change the extension from to watcher.pyw. If you start watcher.pyw now, you won’t have a nasty black ms-dos screen anymore. Which gets in the way.

Watcher automatically start on Windows

task scheduler wwatcher3

Start Task Planner.

task create windows watcher3

click Create Task.

watcher python windows

Go to the Actionstablad.

Click New.

Choose Browse.

Look up watcher.pyw.

Click Ok.

windows watcher

Go to the triggerstablad.

Click New.

Start this task when you sign in.

Check mark at Each user.

Click Ok. And again on Ok. You’re done now. Watcher now starts automatically when you log in to your computer.

tutorial Watcher3

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