install Watcher Qnap system via SSH

We are going to install Watcher on Qnap. In this tutorial. Install Watcher on a QNAP Nas. So you can download movies. This has been tested on QTS 4.2.x to 4.4.x. If you have a different version. Then this might not work.

Install Watcher Qnap

You can use Putty. To set up an SSH connection.

Start Putty, and make a connection to your QNAP. Then log in with your ADMIN account.

Go to the correct folder.

cd /share/Public

Download the installation script. Correct rights for the folder. For the installation script.

curl -skLO && chmod +x

Now we are going to install Watcher.

./ OWatcher3

When the installation is complete. Then we remove the installation package.

rm sherpa.*

You have now completed the installation of Watcher on your QNAP system.

It is now time to start configuring Watcher.

Known QNap installation issues

Below a number of useful tips. If the installation fails.

Open the log file.

cat sherpa.debug.log

Check whether all requirements are installed.

./ –check

If you run into another problem. then leave a message.

install Watcher Qnap system via SSH

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