install Subliminal Ubuntu to download subtitles

In this Install tutorial Subliminal Ubuntu. I explain how to install Subliminal on Ubuntu. And how you can download subtitles with it. From various websites.

install Subliminal Ubuntu to download subtitles

Websites currently supported by Subliminal:


Install subliminal Ubuntu

First we are going to install the necessary software for Subliminal.

We start by installing Python.

sudo apt-get install git-core python-pip

Now, we’re going to install the other necessary software.

sudo pip install beautifulsoup4 guessit requests enzyme html5lib lxml

To download Subliminal. You must perform the command below. Subliminal is installed in the folder where you are now.

cd && git clone

Go to the correct subliminal folder.

cd subliminal

Now we are going to install Subliminal.

sudo python install

Subliminal is now installed. You can now download a English subtitle. In the following way.

subliminal -l nl

You are now done with installing Subliminal Ubuntu tutorial.

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