Install Bazarr Ubuntu to download subtitles

Install Bazarr Ubuntu

in this tutorial Install Bazarr Ubuntu . Let’s install the Bazarr program on an Ubuntu system via the command line.

Install the supplies for Bazarr

First we need to install the necessary software for Bazarr. If that hasn’t been done yet. Without these supplies, Bazarr will not function properly. See command below to install this software.

sudo apt-get install python3-dev python3-pip python3-distutils

Install Bazarr Ubuntu

Now we can download the latest version of Ubuntu Bazarr.


Next we need to extract this zip file. We do that in the following way. Bazarr is placed in the opt/bazarr directory.

unzip -d /opt/.bazarr/

Now we have to set the permissions correctly on the folder.

sudo chown -R username:username /opt/.bazarr/

Bazarr automatically launch Ubuntu

It is of course very nice if Bazarr starts automatically. With the command below we create a bazarr.service file.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/bazarr.service

You need to copy and paste the following. Note that you must change the username to your own. And also the group of your account.

Description=Bazarr Daemon

#BazarrUbuntu Deamon script

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 ./bazarr/
ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30


Now activate the script. So that it is started during reboot.

sudo systemctl enable bazarr

You can now start, stop and restart Bazarr with the commands below.

systemctl start bazarr

systemctl stop bazarr

systemctl restart bazarr

This was the install Bazarr Ubuntu tutorial.

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