Subliminal link to SickBeard Ubuntu to download subs

In this Subliminal link to SickBeard tutorial. We are going to link Subliminal to SickBeard. As soon as Subliminal has found a subtitle. Subliminal will then download it. And put it in the brochure. The one in SickBeard is indicating. So it only works for TV series. This program is an alternative to auto-sub.

In this guide we assume that you have installed SickBeard and Subliminal. And of course it works. See otherwise first manual SickBeard install Ubuntu. And the manual Sublimnal install Ubuntu.

Link subliminal to SickBeard Ubuntu

We need to edit sublimnal’s ini file. We’ll be the first to go to your home brochure.

cd ~

If you have followed the manual of this website works below. Otherwise, look for the sublimnal ini. You can search with the following command “locate sublimnal.ini “.

sudo nano sublimnal/subliminal.ini

The following options must be adjusted in the subliminal.ini file.

This is the folder that your TV shows are in. This must be the same folder. The one in SickBeard is marked.

The location of the subliminal database. Usually that’s:

Usually that’s “/var/run/” Please note you should have write rights to this.

This is the location where subliminal’s log file is stored. If nothing is chosen. Then you can find this in the console.

This is the address SickBeard runs on. Usually that’s

This is the Api Key from SickBeard. You can find this in SickBeard under Config and then General.

sickbeard api

This is the language in which the sub must be downloaded. Put it on en.

If you’re using Notify My Andriod. Then you can give up the api key of this.

If you want to be kept informed by email. Then you can enter the SMTP host here. Usually this is that of your internet provider.

This is the e-mail address. Where it’s sent to.

This is the email address from which it is sent.

Leave it at 0. In DRY modes, the program does not make any changes.

This is the time that’s between each scan. This works in seconds. The best thing you can do is set these high. Otherwise, you have a chance of being banned from a subtitle website. Because you make too many requests in a row. I’d do it every half day. So 43,200 in seconds.

This is how often a scan is done. On the hard drive. Put it on 0.

This is the score. When the subtitles are perfect.

This is how long the program keeps searching for subtitles. I’d put these on 30 days. After that, the chances of the subtitles being uploaded are very small. And if you don’t, you’re going to make unnecessary requests. To the subtitles website. Which increases the likelihood of a ban.

Here you enter all the movie extensions you use. Put a comma in there. So as an example:



The extension that Subliminal should ignore. See the example below.


If an extension does not appear in “MOVIE_EXTENSIONS” or in “MOVIE_EXT_IGNORE”. Then you get an error message in the logfile.

Save the file. This is what you do with CTRL +X. And press y to confirm this.

You’re done with the subliminal link manual to SickBeard Ubuntu.

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