Upload files to Usenet with yEnc Binposter

In this Upload to Usenet with yEnc Binposter tutorial. We’re going to upload to the newsgroups. With the upload program yEnc Binposter. Before you start with this tutorial, the Winrar program must be installed on your computer.

yEnc Binposter language customization

settings yEnc Binposter

Once we’ve started yEnc Binposter. Then you could change your launguage. to your desired language Go in yEnc Binposte to Tools. Kis then for Settings. And then the Miscellaneoustab. Choose Your desired language Put here, too. Remember the Rar & Par settings option.

Set up yEnc Binposter server

Now go to the ServerTab.

Upload files to Usenet with yEnc Binposter news server settings

Server options

You will need to fill in the details of your news server here. These can often be found in your welcome email from your Usenet provider. Otherwise, you’ll need to check your Usenet Provider’s website.

You have to take it into account. That in some cases the uploader server may be different from the download server!

Post options

You can come up with these options yourself. These options don’t have to be right.

yEnc Binposter automatically pack files and create pars

Now we must first copy the Winrar.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\WinRAR) to the installation folder of yEncBin Poster. Next, you’re going to have to rename Winrar.exe after Rar.exe. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message that Winrar isn’t installed.
yEnc-Binposter-rar-par button

Click the Rar & Parbutton on top of the button.

yEnc Binposter rar and par

Click files here now. And look up the files. Which you want to upload.

rar options yEnc Binposter

Now go to the Rar & Par2 Options tablad. Change Bytes to MegaByes. And set the desired split size to 50.

yEnc Binposter newsgroups

Now go to the post optionssheet. Article Subject gives you a name for uploading. This is the name if you see upload. On sites like Binsearch.info or Nzbindex.nl

Select a newsgroup. For example, you could use “Alt.binaries.boneless.” As long as you use a well-known newsgroup. So you can be sure that everyone can download your upload. If you’re using an unknown news group. Then there is a chance that someone does not support their Usenet provider.

Check mark Generate a NZB file for this collection.

And now click Add.

Now all you have to do on the top left is to click Start. Now the files are packed. Par files are then created. And your upload will then be uploaded to Usenet.

When the upload is finished. Then it will be available on, for example, Binsearch.info or Nzbindex.nl. But give it a few minutes. It can take at least 30 minutes for these Usenet Binaries to be uploaded.

After you finish uploading, before it is available on these websites.

You are now done with the tutorial Upload to Usenet with yEnc Binposter.

tutorial yEncBin Poster

  1. Uploading to Usenet.
  2. Install yEncBin Poster .
  3. Uploading to Usenet with Yencbin.

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