Upload NG post to the newsgroups Windows

In the tutorial upload NG post. We’re going to upload to the newsgroups. So that other usenet users can download your download from the newsgroups.

Make sure you have the latest version of Winrar installed on your computer.

Install NG post

You can download the Windows version of NG Post here.

Windows microsoft defender smart screen NG post.

In Windows 10 you can get this message. Then click on More information. This is because the publisher is unknown. Then click Run Anyway.

ng post installation folder

Click Next.

ng post start menu

Again on Next.

shortcut ngpost

Turn on Create a desktop Shortcut and then on Next.

installation overview ngpost

Press on install.

ng post install windows

Finish. Ng post is now starting up.

Set up NG post server

set up server ngpost

For servers you have to fill in the data of the upload server. This can sometimes be different from your download server. Sometimes you may also need to enable uploading on your Usenet provider’s website. This is different for each Usenet provider. You can often find this information on the website of your Usenet provider.

Preparing to upload NG post

image 8

Turn on the settings below. So that your uploads are not deleted so quickly.:

Article obfuscation.

File name obfuscation.

Auto Compress.

Specify nzb destination path. Your nzb file will be saved here. This is important otherwise you will not be able to find your download. Because it will not be easy to find on nzb search engines. This is because you have checked the above checkboxes. This keeps the downloads available in the newsgroups for longer.

Don’t forget to click Save. So your settings are saved for next time.

Under newsgroups, enter as many newsgroups as possible. This ensures that your downloads are less likely to be removed from the newsgroups. Below is a list to get you started.


Set up winrar and set par.

Specify at rar path where the program Winrar is installed. If this is not yet the case, see the Winrar manual for Windows. Par redundancy at 8 is sufficient.

image 16

Post to the newsgroups

select files upload ng post

Now click here with your right mouse. And find the files you want to upload. You don’t have to create rar and par files yourself. NG post does that for you.

ng posting to the newsgroups.

Now click on Post files. Upload has started to the newsgroups with NG post.

This was the tutorial Uploading NG post to the Windows newsgroups.

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