Radarr FAQ frequently asked questions on known issues

Below you will find a list of the Radarr frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed. please leave a comment and we can add it to the list.

Where can I find the API key?

Open Radarr’s web interface. Go to Settings, choose Genral and then API Key under Security.

Which is better Usenet or torrent with Radarr?

Usenet works better than torrent files. You won’t have any problems with seeding. With Usenet you only have to download.

Which Radarr port is used by default?

Radarr uses port 8310 by default.

How can I update Radarr?

The best way to update Radarr is via the Web interface. You go to System and then Updates, then choose Install Latest.

For which systems is Radarr available?

Radarr is available for just about all systems. Such as Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Synology and many more. See Radarr tutorials on how to install this on your desired system.

How does Radarr find movies?

Radarr finds the movies through a Newznab server. (usenet) Or through a torrent indexer.

Radarr downloads fake movies

This depends on the indexer you are using. Private indexers are often a lot better than public indexers. For usenet you often need a paid Newznab server if you want to get very good results. SpotWeb can also be used as a source. But this one is often less reliable. For more information see SpotWeb Newznab.

How do I back up Radarr?

Open the Radarr web interface. Go to System and then Backup. Press on Back-up now. To make a recent backup. You can then download a zip file. If you reinstall Radarr, you can import this zip file back into your Radarr. In this same screen you can also restore the Backup under Restore Backup.

I locked myself out

Open the config.xml file in a text editor. Find the next line <AuthenticationMethod>Forms</AuthenticationMethod> of <AuthenticationMethod>Basic</AuthenticationMethod> and change this to <AuthenticationMethod>None</AuthenticationMethod>. Then save the file. And restart Radarr.

Radarr can’t connect to SABNzbd.

1 Check if you can access SABnzbd.
2 Are the SABnzbd username and password correct?
3 Is SABNzbd’s API key good?

Radarr can’t connect to NZBGet

1 Is the NZBGet username and password correct?
2 Restart NZBGet.

You get a Radarr message config.xml was corrupt

Your config file got corrupted. you can fix this by deleting the .xml file in appdata directory.

~/.config/Radarr or /Users/$USER/.config/Radarr




/home/$USER/.config/Radarr or ~/.config/Radarr or /opt/radarr/.


Invalid Radarr certificate or other SSL issues

If your download program and Radarr are installed on the same machine, a certificate is not required. You can uncheck Use SSL at download client. You can create a certificate for free at https://letsencrypt.org. If necessary.

Can’t add a movie in Radarr

This can have several causes. Radarr uses TMDb.
TMdb cannot handle special charters. You can then use TMDb ID or the id of IMDB ID. It is also possible that the film has not yet been added to TMDb. Then try again at a later time.

This was the list of Radarr frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Or can’t you figure it out? Then leave a comment. Then we try to help you. And if not, someone else might know the answer to your Radarr question.

Radarr FAQ

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