Install Radarr Qnap

In this tutorial, we are going to install Radarr Qnap . So you can automatically download movies from the newsgroups.

Add Qnap Radarr source

To be able to install Radarr on your Qnap, you must first add the source of Radarr. So that your Qnap device knows where to download Radarr.

Qnap app center

Go to App Center.

image 16

Then click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

image 17

Under General. You do see a check mark Allow installation of application without a valid digital signature. Turn this on. And click Apply.

Go to app repository.

And then add the following.

Naam: Mag je zelf verzinnen


Install Qnap Radarr store

Install Radarr Qnap

Then go back to the start screen. And then you can find your own chosen name in the store where you can download Radarr. Look up Radarr. And click install. This was the installation of Radarr on a Qnap system. We can now configure Radarr. So that the desired movies are downloaded from the newsgroups.

tutorial Radarr Qnap

  1. Tutorial Radarr.
  2. Qnap Install Radarr.
  3. Radarr Qnap configure.
  4. Radarr Qnap movies downloading.


  1. This solution does not seem to work if you have the most recent version of QNAP QTS installed.

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