Install Radarr Beta Synology

in this guide Radarr Beta install Synology. We’re going to install Radarr on Synolgy device with DSM 6 or later. It may also work with DSM 5. However I have not been able to test this.

Add Radarr Beta installation capability

If you’ve already added Then you can skip this step.

Before we can install Radarr. We need to add a repository first. Otherwise, you don’t know where synology can download. We are going to add the following repository .

You open your browser. And then go to your Synology NAS webpage.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in, go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

NOS choose Settings

image 266

Put a checkmark on each publisher .

image 267

Go to the tablad Beta.

Check the check box here Yes, I want to check out the beta versions!

image 268

Now go to the Sourcestab.

Then click Add.

Please enter a name .

At location, fill in“”Click OK now and OKagain.

You’re done now’s now added as a repository. And you can see the beta software.

Should be down. Then you can also download the SPK from . But you need to install Radarr manually then.

Install Radarr beta Synology

Now we can install the Radarr package on your Synology NAS.

Synology Package Center-um

Go back to the Package center.

Synology Community

Scroll down and click Community.

RadarrInstalling synology

Look up Radarr. and then click Install.

image 269

Now click Next.

image 270

Click Apply.

Radarr is now installed.

You can now access Radarr via http://your-nas-ip-adres:8310

Upadate Radarr Synology

Radarr should not be updated via Synology itself. Because there is a great chance that it will not work anymore.

Radarr System

Open Radarr.

Go to System.

image 271

Now click on Updates and then on Install latest.

image 272

You will now see on the right under a popup that Radarr is updating.

Radarr Update Successful

If the update has gone well. See you above.

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