Install SpotWeb Windows with Xampp Webserver and MYSQL

In this SpotWeb Windows installation tutorial. We’re going to be the first to install Xampp. And then install SpotWeb. Xampp is a useful program. To quickly and easily install a Web server. Xampp can also be used if you want to test or create websites.

Download Xampp from the next location.

Xampp download

Start the xampp-win32-7.2.3-0-VC15-installer.

image 35

You can get the above notification. Then click OK.

XAMP spot web install.

Press on Next.

install xamp components for spotweb

Check only the above. That’s all you need for SpotWeb.

xamp adware

Turn off the Learn more about Bitnami check mark here.

And click Next.

Xamp ready to install spotweb

Now Next.

And wait a little.

xamp firewall set up spot-web

You will most likely see the screen above during installation.

Put the check mark to Private networks such as home or corporate networks. And turn off the other check mark.

xamp installation finished for spot

Click Finishnow.

The installation of XAMP is ready. Xamp is now starting.

Spotweb xamp language setting

Click Save.

xampp controll panel

You will see the screen above now.

Start Apache and MYSQLnow.

xamp firewall allow mysql for spotweb

Click Private networks such as home or corporate networks.

And turn off the other check mark.

Then click Allow Access.

SpotWeb install Windows

Now we can start installing SpotWeb.

If everything went well. Now you have two greens. Apache and MYSQL in XAMPP.

spotweb map xamp

Click Explorer. And open the folder htdocs. Create spot web here in a new folder.

Download SpotWeb here.

Unpack the downloaded zip file. With, for example, the Winrar program. Or with Windows.

spotweb folder windows

Now post the contents of the unpacked zip file. In the spot webfolder. See the image above.

Create SpotWeb database

Now open the next page in your browser.

spotweb database

Click new. And then enter the name spot web. Press on Create.

spotweb database phpmyadmin

You now have a database on the left at spotweb.

Install SpotWeb

Now open http://localhost/spotweb/install.php in your browser.

Now go through the wizard.

SpotWeb Windows automatically start Xampp

Of course, it’s very nice when Xampp and SpotWeb start automatically. While starting Windows. We’re going to take care of this now.

xamp spotweb

Open Xampp. And click Config.

set up xampp autostart

Turn on the following two check marks here. Apache and MySQL.

Mysql and Apache are now started automatically. While starting Windows. SpotWeb can therefore be approached.

You’re all set now. By installing SpotWeb on Windows.

SpotWeb Windows installation tutorial

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